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Generating Transformative Change (GTC) Liberating the Deep Potential of Human Being  

Free Information Session with GTC Faculty Tuesday, August 29 5:30 to 7:00pm Pacific Time

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We invite you to this Info Session to learn more about how the GTC program can help you to:

  • Gain experience in leading powerful processes for transforming collective consciousness
  • Improve your skill in conflict resolution, coaching and change management through an understanding of the leading researched-based framework on adult levels of development and evolution
  • Experience greater personal presence expressed in life and work
  • Transform deeply held worldviews, assumptions, values, and long-standing habits
  • Express deeper, more authentic, and powerful communication, personally and professionally
  • Have a greater ability to collaborate and develop connections and community
  • Increase your capacity to understand and shift perspectives, improving your ability to influence others towards positive change
  • Know greater trust in internal wisdom and guidance for decision-making and problem-solving
  • Increased creativity and innovative thinking in life and work
  • Have access to a global collaborative community of transformative leaders

Since the first GTC program was offered in 2004, it has developed into one of the most powerful, awakening, and mature learning journeys available today. The curriculum incorporates a many-faceted approach to learning, including leading cognitive theory, experiential learning and supported experiments in new ways of being and affecting transformation. Our faculty bring decades of experience in education, psychology, business, leadership and adult development.  

According to research measures, our graduates leave our program leading, being, embodying and acting on average from one to two later stages of development than when they started. These later stages combine steady mindfulness of inner states, natural ability to see from multiple perspectives, altruism, new levels of creativity, and greater authenticity. These new ways of thinking and seeing allow participants to move through their personal and professional lives with fresh eyes and greater ease, while remaining in integrity with what is kind, just and true. Please visit the GTC page for detailed information.

What You Will Learn in the Info Session

  • What makes GTC a uniquely powerful and transformative learning experience
  • The growth and development that is possible for you in GTC
  • The history and research foundation of GTC, important discoveries and lessons learned
  • How self-transforming community is essential for personal transformation, and vice-versa
  • How GTC is designed to support people at different stages and passages of life change
  • Why play, joy, humor, and reverence for life are an essential part of the development process

The Intro Session is NOT a sales pitch. In 12 years of running 24 GTC programs we have always pursued a modest approach to promoting our work. In this Intro Session we'll tell you about the program and answer your questions, but our main goal is to give you information so you can determine for yourself if GTC is right for you. 

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The Info Session will be a live video presentation on the Zoom platform, which is very easy to use. Access information will be sent to you by email after you sign up. If you can't attend live, you'll have access to a recording 24 hours after the session.

Privacy Policy: We will never share your informaton with third parties.

About Pacific Integral

GTC Faculty

Pacific Integral is a developer of educational and social change technologies and a global community of leaders and practitioners of transformative change. We aim to support the emergence of a sustainable, equitable and beautiful future for humanity and all of creation. We believe that humanity is in the midst of a profound period of change, and that addressing the opportunities of our time require that we embrace universal human values and ethical action, awaken to and engage in our evolutionary potential, and enact more conscious, integral forms of leadership and collective action in the world, grounded in our deepest wisdom. To this end, we endeavor to impact human development, leadership, and social change at the emergent edge of consciousness and action.

Since 2004 Pacific Integral has established a strong, international reputation for innovation in causal leadership, deep personal and professional transformation, and research on the evolution of consciousness and adult development. Through our seminars, certificate programs, coaching and consulting, we synthesize a unique combination of experience in Education, Psychology, Management, Technology, the Arts, Philosophy, Integral Theory, and our own pioneering research and theory on Adult Stages of Development.

Our faculty are experienced professionals who hold values of universal care, integrity and deep inquiry into the nature of human evolution and existence. Using an emergent design approach in our programs, we model the capacity to remain present to the situation at hand, intervening with the most liberating, compassionate and effective response in each moment. You will leave our programs with transformed awareness and an entirely new experience of what it means to be an evolutionary leader, to be human, to be responsible, passionate, empowered and hopeful about how your leadership can help transform our future, practically and with significance. 

Geoff Fitch MA, Co-Founder, Pacific Integral

Abigail Lynam PhD, Pacific Integral Faculty

Terri O'Fallon PhD, Co-Founder, Pacific Integral

Thomas McConkie, Pacific Integral Faculty